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Transportation Procedures for a
Change of Permanent Address or Alternate Address

Click here for Request for Transportation Change Form - PDF Document

Throughout the school year students may move and require a change in transportation, as well as, many families require transportation to daycare centers, babysitters, Boys’ Club, and Girls’ Inc. The growing number of requests for changes has resulted in the interruption of instruction and delayed routes. It is therefore important that a procedure is in place to ensure that these requests are handled with the utmost care and that every effort is made to eliminate the possibility of confusion.

Students that need transportation to a location other than their residency will need to fill out the Request for Transportation Change Form through the Shelbyville Central Schools Transportation Department. The form is available at school offices and on our corporation website at http://scs.shelbycs.org under School Information.

The following procedures will be used to ensure student safety:

  1. Students will be transported to and from the bus stop closest to their place of residence.
  2. Parents requesting an alternate bus stop must fill out the Request for Transportation Change Form.
  3. All routes are systematically created based on students’ primary residences. Additional stops increase the route times and decreases efficiency of the transportation services. Therefore, alternate bus stops must be established stops.
  4. If a permanent change of location is needed (for a reason such as a family change of address) a Request for Transportation Change Form must be filled out.
  5. To ensure student safety, no change request will be taken over the phone either at school or the Transportation Department.
  6. In serious situations, a parent may call into the school office. A student may be kept at school until a parent, guardian, or emergency contact can pick up the student.

(Elementary offices close 4:00 PM and Middle/High School offices close at 3:30 PM)

In the best situation, the one rider/one pick up/one drop off rule should apply. This allows for reasonable expectations on the bus driver to monitor the appropriate pick up and drop off point for students and lessens the potential for safety concerns. The school bus transportation system can not absorb the liability of serving as a flexible transportation (taxi-like) service.

The Transportation Department will make the necessary changes during the first few weeks of school. We ask for the patience and cooperation from the community the first few weeks as we make necessary adjustments to promote student safety.

Click here for Request for Transportation Change Form - PDF Document