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Anonymous Tips - STOPit App

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What is STOPit

STOPit! is an online reporting tool designed to deter and mitigate bullying and cyber abuse, consisting of an app and a back-end incident management system for school administrators.
The StopIT app will empower students to stand up for themselves and for one another. Students will have the power to help put an end to harmful and inappropriate behavior they see online through social media and other means.  With STOPit, students can submit anonymous reports containing text, photos, or video.
STOPit’s anonymous two-way chat provides a safe and comfortable way for people to communicate about sensitive issues.

Links to download the StopIT app 

Once the STOPit app has been downloaded, parents and students will be required to enter their unique school code. It is important to enter the correct code that corresponds their school to ensure any anonymous report that is made is delivered to the appropriate school personnel.
Web-based reporting is available as well. To make a report, visit and enter the STOPit school code for your child's school.
A note will be sent to homes with the school unique ID or please feel free to contact your child's school front office for your School's Access Code for the StopIT app!
Please keep in mind, STOPit is not an emergency response service. If you believe your call requires immediate police, fire, or paramedic response, call 9-1-1. STOPit does not provide counseling or clinical advice. If you feel you need this type of attention, please seek the assistance of a qualified clinical or medical professional.


For Frequently Asked Questions about the STOPit Program, please click on the link below:
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Please feel free to contact the front office at your child's school for your school's STOPit  Access Code!

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