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Online Work Order


If you have an issue concerning your phone or computer equipment, please submit a work order using the Technology Work Order Form.  If you have a maintenance or custodial request, please use the links below.

Technology Work Order Form

App Request for an iPad Cart
Select your school's App Request form from the list below.  In order to access the App Request forms, you must be logged into your Google Apps account for verification.  After you submit your request, a copy of your request will be sent to your principal for approval.
Request Website to be Unblocked

If a staff member would like to have a site unblocked, the first step is for the staff member to visit the site from their home or other location where it is not filtered and check the site for inappropriate content by browsing several pages and following several links posted on the website.  Then once the staff member feels comfortable with taking responsibility for the content of the website, select the correct form for your school from the list below. Answer the questions on the Website Review page for your school and submit the request.   Your request will automatically go to your principal and the tech department.  A copy of your request will also come to your email account.  You will receive an email reply to your request if the website is unblocked or if the request cannot be fulfilled. 

If you have a maintenance request, please use the AkitaBox Maintenance Work Order link below.  Once you arrive at the AkitaBox Maintenance Work Order,  select your building, fill out the information and click Submit.
SCS Maintenance AkitaBox Work Order Link

How do I use the AkiltaBox Work Order system website?

  1. Go to  
  2. Select your building.
  3. Fill out the information and click Submit.*

          *An asterisks (*) denotes a required field


Why is my email required?

We update you via email on the status of your service request. You will get three emails:

  1. Confirming your submission
  2. When work starts on your request
  3. When your work request is complete


Why the new process?

We're are using a software called AkitaBox to help track the assets in all our buildings as well as respond to maintenance service requests.